What I Do

My Passion for Guitars

After clean-up and any repairs, guitars are normally re-strung and 'set-up' ,,, and yes, I set them all up, whether the price be £20 or £1200.

​Then I play them (of cause)  The Youtube clip here is of me having fun with a £45 guitar and a £45 amp


Where you can find my guitars

The Guitar, a friend for life

Marc's Guitars

Once the guitars are read for sale they can be found it either of....

The Trading Post, Cardigan, SA

Emlyn Antiques, Newcastle Emlyn, SA

Curosity Antique Centre, King Street, Carmarthen

Cash In, Lampeter

Or direct from Marc


I have played guitars on and off for more than 50 years and still love to find and restore those guitars I played in the 1960's and those early guitars my fellow musicians tell me about.

These are not the Gibsons and Fenders, rather those basic first guitars that our early jobs (or pocket money  if you were lucky!) could afford....either from our friends and often from the 'Junk' shop in town, and the next guitars we bought when we knew a little more about playing.

These are the Egmond, Kay, Colombus, Eko, Hofners, Kansas, Boosey & Hawkes/ John Skewes/  Barnes & Mullins/ Rose Morris imports, Framus, Antoria, Aria, Hondo, Kimbara, Marlin, Jedson, Satellite, Florida etc. etc. guitars.